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  • Acacia mearnsii
    Late Black Wattle Tree -Also known as Green Wattle
    Hardy in zones 9-12

    There isn’t a more perfectly versatile plant than this Acacia. Resilient and vigorous, with a crown of dense foliage growing from a smooth trunk make this the perfect specimen for almost any hobby growing or as a standard. Roots are shallow and the bark is almost smooth giving this plant the perfect look for bonsai projects especially considering the naturally occurring umbrella canopy of foliage. Green foliage is accented by sweet scented, yellow flowers usually from October to December. The plant is traditionally raised as a an ornamental or a shade tree.

    The tree will stay relatively small in stature as far as trees go, making this a good opportunity for a beautiful bonsai work of art. New reddish - green branches will have thorns. Tree is deciduous.  Hardy in zones 9-11 and thrives in full sun. Drought Tolerant - No Frost

    20 SEEDS -Late Black Wattle Tree Seed - -Drought Tolerant - Acacia mearnsii

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