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  • Good flavor
    Very productive
    Perfect Fresh, Canned or Frozen
    Fruit ripens throughout the season
    2 inch round fruits
    A perfectly unique, all purpose, tomato!  2 inch fruits grow among swirls of green and white leaves on tall plants making a terrific conversation piece for the garden. Beautiful with or without fruits. And the cooler the weather the more color! Productive plants produce an abundance of mild and sweet, gourmet type, flavorful fruits.  Perfect for sauces and paste in addition to fresh eating on salads and sandwiches and the perfect addition to salsas. Many use them for canning or freezing. An original Italian variety!

    It doesn’t get much better than this! Flavorful and juicy fruits give large harvests, bright red-orange meaty, tomatoes. A true winner!

    Variegated Leaf Tomato -20 Seeds- -All Purpose Vegetable- -Seed Pack

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.20Sale Price
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