• Sweet Pea Everlasting Mix

    A lovely mix of stunning Pink, white and red color! Blooms most of the season. Grows to about 72 inches. A mass planting of this flower will be unforgettable with butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering from flower to flower. 2 inch flowers bloom in colors of, red, pink, and white. Exceptional sweet fragrance. An early bloomer and terrific cut flower!

    The perfect addition to any sunny meadow or garden. Sweet peas are extremely easy to grow in any region. The bright blooms can be cut for gorgeous bouquets!

    Fun Facts:

    1. Low maintenance
    2. Blooms in early - late summer to fall
    3. Perfect for beds, borders and containers
    4. Native to North America

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    10 Seeds Sweet Pea Everlasting Mix Seed Pack - Rainbow Flowers