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  • Muntingia calabura
    Jamaican Cherry 
    Strawberry Tree


    Also known as Jamaican Cherry and produces an abundance of small red fruit with a sweet and unique flavor. The flowers resemble strawberry flowers and the fruit resembles little red cherries, hence its common names, Strawberry Tree and Jamaican Cherry. It fruits nearly all year long and the green immature fruit ripens quickly, changing to a solid red color within a day. In containers, it needs to be periodically pruned or headed back to maintain size. This is a wonderful tropical fruit for pots that has been mostly overlooked until now.


    This  tropical evergreen produces sprays of white flowers that resembles a strawberry flower, followed by small sweet, red fruits on branches covered with forest green leaves.  Prune to maintain size.  This is a tropical plant and will not tolerate frost. Grown by plant collectors for its ornamental value. The wood is very hard and durable and of notable interest is with the bark color ranging from dark pink to dark purple. 

    25 Seeds - Tropical Jamaican Cherry or Strawberry Tree-Muntingia calabura

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