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  • Endive Green Curled Ruffec
    90 days for maturity

    A classic heirloom that adds a tasty zing to any salad. Grows well indoors or out! An excellent fall crop. A light freeze sweetens the flavor. Keep moist to avoid bitterness. If leaf blanching is desired, tie the outer leaves together about 2-3 weeks before harvest. Be sure leaves are dry.

    Harvesting Tips: Individual leaves can be cut for baby greens. Heads should be cut at the base.

    Fun Facts:

    1. Endive is a member of the chicory family
    2. It is believed that endive originated in the Mediterranean region
    3. Ancient people believed that it purified the blood and cured insomnia
    4. Brought to Europe by 1200 AD

    Green Curled Endive seeds -Ruffec - All NAtural -Non GMO

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