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  • An excellent medium sized, semi-deciduous tree that is easy to grow. Stunning yellow puffs rest among small leaves of bright green followed by thick, soft pods. Tolerates a wide rage of soil types, from clay to well composted. Highly desired in the landscape for being very drought tolerant once established. Works well in bonsai / Tropical container culture.

    Fun Facts:

    • The generic name of this plant derives from Greek ακακία (akakia), the name given by early Greek botanist-physician Pedanius Dioscorides (ca. 40–90) to this tree as a medicinal, in his book Materia Medica
    • Acacia I from the Greek akis meaning sharp point – nilotica refers to having occurred alon the Nile River
    • The wood of this species is hard and reddish in color
    • It is used as firewood and for fencing posts
    • The bark exudes an edible gum
    • This gum can also be used as glue
    • The gum is still used in making candles, inks, matches, and paints
    • Tender pods and shoots are used as a vegetable and as forage for camels, sheep and goats, especially in Sudan, where it is said to improve milk from these animals.
    • The seeds, when crushed provide the dye for black strings worn by Nankani women Native from Egypt south to Mozambique and Natal

    Tropical Seeds -Vachellia Arabic Gum -20 Seeds - See Listing- Acacia nilotica

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