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  • Acacia tortilis - Vachellia
    Umbrella Thorn Acacia

    There isn’t a more perfectly versatile plant than this Acacia. A medium sized canopy type tree with a crown of dense foliage growing from a gnarled and crooked trunk making this the perfect specimen for almost any hobby growing, especially a bonsai work of art. Roots are shallow and the bark heavily fissured giving this plant an aged look. Green foliage is accented by aromatic yellow flower balls developing on old wood. The plant is traditionally grown as an ornamental or a shade tree. Leaves are small giving the tree a soft feathery appearance. Drought and heat tolerant once established. New reddish - green branches will have thorns. Tree is deciduous and will loose seasonal leaves. Hardy in zones 9-11and thrives in full sun.

    The tree has a combination of one straight thorn with a small hooked thorn alongside. Thorns are thin and grow in pairs.

    Tropical Seeds - Umbrella Thorn Acacia- 20 Seeds

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