Anna Russian Tomato
87 Days from transplant

An old time favorite producing oxheart shaped fruits bursting with old fashioned flavor. The redish - pink tomatoes are perfect for canning, juicing and fresh use. Fruits are meaty and juicy, with a beautiful, smooth skin and make a great sauce. The uniform, firm thick fruits are perfect in sandwiches and salads. An all time favorite with gourmet grocers and chefs. Fruits ripen all at once making it a premium canning tomato.

Fruit size: 3 1/2 inches 3-8 oz
Matures: 87 days
Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
Plant size: 3-4 feet tall
Plant type: determinate

They can be used fresh, frozen, canned and in salads and sauce

=====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

Anna Russian Tomato- Oxheart type- 10 Seeds -Heirloom