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  • Annona glabra
    Pond Apple
    Note: seeds float - this is normal when soaking prior to planting
    No shipments to Australia

    A beautiful sub-tropical small semi-deciduous tree with large and spreading branches accented by glossy dark green drooping leaves. Sweet fragrant flowers bloom light yellow with a trumpet shape followed by aromatic, fruit that tastes a lot like honeydew melons.
    The fruit takes between 20 and 25 weeks to reach maturity in sub-tropical climates where the days are not too hot and night temperatures remain cool. Juice is made from the fruits yellow pulp to make a delicious drink. This makes a terrific potted plant!
    THIS is a tropical tree -- Cannot tolerate frost. 

    This plant makes a most interesting deck plant and grows well as a container plant for several years if pruned and shaped, for the home or greenhouse, in addition to being a specimen plant.

    This very rare plant produces a versatile multi-purpose tree that is perfect for the plant collector. Although a tropical plant it is moderately drought tolerant but must be protected from frost. Seedlings will need a lot of light to grow well. The tree is perfect for the household environment in addition to bonsai culture. Blossoms attract pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds, filling the tree with all kinds of activity. This tree is highly prized by collectors worldwide and seed is hard to get so don’t wait and buy yours today!

    Annona glabra Pond Apple 10 Seeds

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