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    Annona muricata

    A beautiful sub-tropical deciduous small tree with large and spreading branches accented by glossy dark green drooping leaves. Sweet fragrant flowers bloom light yellow with a trumpet shape followed by aromatic, acidic fruit used in drinks.
    The fruit takes between 20 and 25 weeks to reach maturity in sub-tropical climates where the days are not too hot and night temperatures remain cool. Juice is made from the fruits white pulp to make a delicious drink. This makes a terrific potted plant!
    Cannot tolerate frost. Bring indoors.

    The tree tolerates a wide variety of soil types and like some humidity. This tree makes a most interesting bonsai project and also grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant.

    As with any plant, caution should be exercised about leaves or seeds and whether or not the plant is meant to be ingested or whether caution should be exercised around pets or children. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to know whether any plant or seed is acceptable or allowable for the area being shipped to. Seller is not responsible for buyer’s use of plant or seeds and any dangers thereof. By purchasing this item buyer accepts this understanding.

    Outdoor Standard
    Potted Deck Plant

    Fun Facts:

    Native to the Caribbean region but has spread across Central and South America and is grown in Australia
    Can produce fruit at 4-5 years old
    Known in Spanish speaking countries as guanabanana
    Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    The tree has been cultivated in Florida for over 110 years

    Annona muricata Soursop Tropical seeds Container or Standard

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