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  • Soursop seeds
    Annona muricata

    A beautiful sub-tropical deciduous small tree with large and spreading branches accented by glossy dark green drooping leaves. Sweet fragrant flowers bloom light yellow with a trumpet shape followed by aromatic, acidic fruit used in drinks.
    The fruit takes between 20 and 25 weeks to reach maturity in sub-tropical climates where the days are not too hot and night temperatures remain cool. Juice is made from the fruits white pulp to make a delicious drink. This makes a terrific potted plant!
    Cannot tolerate frost. Bring indoors.

    The tree tolerates a wide variety of soil types and like some humidity. This tree makes a most interesting bonsai project and also grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant.
    Outdoor Standard
    Potted Deck Plant

    Annona muricata Soursop - 5 Tropical Seeds Container or Standard

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