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  • Aquadulce 
    Vicia faba
    Fava Bean
    Broad Bean
    70-90 days

    This food staple from the Mediterranean is a sweet and tasty variety of fava bean. Harvest young for cooking in the pod. Let mature for shelling beans. Young leaf shoots can be cooked and used in Mediterranean dishes. The best broad bean variety for overwintering in warm climates. These fall plantings will survive the winter and produce good spring yields. This hardy plant is a good nitrogen fixer and can be used as a green manure.

    Plant from Spring-Fall

    Uses: Parboil and then stir-fry in oil with garlic. Boil beans in salty water and serve as an appetizer or add to salad. Sautée young leaf tips.

    Aquadulce Fava Bean Broad Bean 10 Seeds

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