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  • Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree

    This evergreen native of Ireland has the look and feel of the tropics and can be grown right in your own landscape. Long, forest green colored leaves accent grey-brown bark that flakes and peels leaving the beautiful young bark of a reddish color. Pretty pink flowers peek through the greenery in the fall followed by a fruit that resembles a strawberry. This tree would make an interesting bonsai specimen with its twisted trunks that grow with age adding much interest to the bonsai. The tree rarely grows past 12 feet making it perfect for any sized landscape. Tolerant of sea salt making it perfect for coastal gardens.

    An easy to grow plant that can be grown in most soil types, loves full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant once established. Can tolerate temperatures to 22º F once established. Young plants will need protection. Grow as a standard oin zones 7+
    Fun Facts:

    • Native of Ireland
    • Can grow as tall as 30 feet but rarely grows past 8-12 feet
    • Fruits take a year to ripen and both flowers and fruits can be present at the same time
    • In Portugal fruits are fermented to make a strong tasting wine known as medronho as well as used to make preserves
    • Fruits eaten off the tree may not taste well

    Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree Surinam Seeds

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