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An evergreen woody, sun loving climber known for the pipe shaped flowers it produces. Twining smooth stems wind and curl around each other accented by flowers that form on the axis of the leaf. This variety produces a longer, more slender, pipe than other varieties. The plant is aromatic attracting insects to the inner part of the flower tube. The tube is covered with small sticky hairs that wither and die releasing the bug covered with pollen. Grow as a tropical or tender perennial. Attractive to butterflies and some birds.This plant is host to two rare butterflies the Common Birdwing (Troides helena cerberus) and Common Rose (Pachliopto cristolo-chiae asteris)

Fun Facts:

1. The name alludes to the shape of pipes once common in the Netherlands
2. The Aristolochia comes from ancient Greek referring to childbirth
3. Hardy Outdoors in zones 9+
4. This variety is protected in Hong Kong

25 Heirloom Tropical Seeds- Dutchmans Pipe -- - Aristolochia tagala

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