Armenian Cucumber / Yard Long Cucumber
50-75 Days

Although the fruit looks and is called a cucumber this plant is actully botanicalyy a melon. This most unique cucumber produces an abundance of super long, fat fruits that grow up to 24 inches long and ribbed light green color. Crunchy and sweet. Great for pickle making. Performs well in hot climates. The plant is similar to that of a regular cucumber and a vigorous grower perfect for fences and trellis gardening where the fruit will hang down nice and straight. If grown on the ground the fruit has a tendancy to curl and twist. Pick fruits before frost. Grow as you would a regular cucumber.

Armenian Cucumber seeds Yard Long Fruits!

  • Fun Facts:
    Member of the Cucurbitaceae
    Can remain in storage for 6 months at 50°F
    Species Cucumis metuliferus E. Mey. ex Naud or ex Schrad
    Mainly grown as an ornamental fruit
    Fun for kids gardens
    105 days from seed sowing to fruit harvest
    Don't hesitate to prune back plants and keep old fruits picked up to avoid future plants from becoming a weed or invasive
    Also called Horned Melon and Jelly Melon

    Growing Tips:
    Keep plants well watered
    If space is limited grow on a trellis or fence
    Maximize production by harvesting fruits regularly

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