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  • A slow-growing, short-trunked tree with multi branched broad, rounded crown. Small purple flowers are accented among bright green leaves, followed by oval five lobed fruit. The tree is extremely popular for its beautiful fruit and foliage and adaptability. Germination requires patience as with any tropical plant but is well worth the wait and truly fun to grow.

    This widely adaptable tree can be used for a wide range of uses including, bonsai, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse. It makes the perfect patio plant. Keep tree well watered until established.When the fruit is sliced crosswise the pieces resemble stars. Use the fruit fresh or in salads. A great plant for kids! This plant is a relative of the pickle tree. Can be grown outdoors as a standard in zones 10-11. A naturally small tree, excellent for tropical growing. Imagine having this terrific conversational plant!

    AVERRHOA carambola Star Fruit Tree Seed

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