• Bacskai Feher Pepper
    70-80 days From Transplant

    Heirloom 1965
    Fruits grow to about 4 inches
    Plants grow to about 3 feet
    Great for roasting or as an Ornamental Plant
    Sweet pepper
    Good for container growing

    ======= Nice yields of fruits that are a richly flavored paprika type sweet pepper. Peppers ripen from creamy white to orange then red as they mature. Great flavor fresh or cooked. The fruit colors make a great addition to a market or table display. The more ripened they become the sweeter they will be. Bacskai Feher chiles can be fried, roasted, stuffed, made into a sweet salsa or sauce and used in a salads. Hardy and vigorous. 3 foot plants make a good container plant. Can be preserved in oil or vinegar as well as dried for spices. The color and size make them perfect for salsas and pickles.

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    Bacskai Feher Pepper - 10 Seeds - all natural