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Bibb Lettuce

An early maturing, compact variety with ruffled outer leaves and a soft lighter colored heart. A delicious addition with ornamental qualities that won't fade and rust resistant. A sweet and succulent lettuce with a tender texture mainly grown for the mini heads and that will decorate any lettuce plate.

40-50 days. Thrives in cool seasons in fertile soil with warm days and cool nights.

The perfect lettuce variety to blend with other salad greens and beautiful in presentations as well as in sandwiches.

Plant in succession for a longer harvest!
Plant about 60 seeds per foot
About 1000 will sow 16 feet or a 4x4 square foot bed

Fun Facts:
1. There are four lettuce type classifications: crisphead, romaine, loose and butterhead
2. Several harvests can be obtained from one plant until the central stem forms
3. Loose-leaf lettuces provide vitamins A and C, folate, and iron

Bibb Lettuce seeds Heirloom

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