Black Krim

Heirloom 1800’s

This old Russian variety is very popular among modern gardeners today. A deep maroon, almost black fruit Always a favorite in taste tests, Black Krim has a flavor that is described as tangy, rich, and sweet. Beautiful dark slices. Vigorous plants grow best with strong staking or tall cages. Keep watered to avoid drought caused cracking.

  • Fruit size: 8-12 oz +
  • Matures: 70-80 days
  • Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
  • Plant size: 4-7 feet tall
  • Plant type: Indeterminate

Fun Facts

From the Isle of Krim in the black Sea where summers are perfect for tomato growing
Distributed by Crimean soldiers returning from war in the late 1800’s
• The Tomato is believed to have originated in the western portions of South America
• Varieties of wild tomatoes are still found in Peru
• Aztecs of Central America called it "xitomatl"
• In 1692 a cookbook was published in Naples and mentions the Tomato

Black Krim Heirloom Tomato Seeds OP Non GMO

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