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  • Dinosaur Kale
    50 - 60 days Frost tolerant

    A very flavorful and personal favorite of ours! This Italian heirloom is good in short season areas with cool nights. Slow to bolt. This delicious dark colored, blue-green kale is not only flavorful but also unique and prehistoric looking in the garden! as well as on the plate! Leaves become brighter and more tasty after frost. Grows to 2-3 Feet. Good for cooking greens or bunching. Use for salads and light cooking, sauteed and roasted. A true classic flavor!

    Leaves have an embossed or savoyed texture
    Extremely dark green, hence the name “Black”
    Softer texture than the Blue Kale, but firmer than the Red Russian

    Vegetable Seeds- Dinosaur or Black Kale-50 Heirloom Seeds -Heirloom -All Natural

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    • Fun Facts:

      1/3 pound of broccoli has more vitamin C than 2 1/2 pounds of oranges
      Broccoli has been cultivated for over 2000 years
      A perfect variety for any garden
      Most of this nations broccoli production is in California
      Grown in Italy during the times of the Roman Empire until the 16th century when it spread throughout the rest of Europe and then to the Americas
      Arrived in the U.S with Italian immigrants in the 1800's
      Famous for producing dozens of delicious side shoots until hard frost. 3-6" central head


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