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  • Brachychiton populneus
    Bottle Tree
    Kurrojong Tree

    This heat loving tree does extremely well where space is limited and often used as a shade tree in some desert regions. Perfect as a specimen tree as well and because of its broad base trunk, that quickly narrows, it makes a most unique bonsai tree. Can be grown as a container plant or in the greenhouse. The Green patterned bark is the perfect accent to rustling olive -green evergreen foliage. Small bell shaped flowers appear in spring. Drought tolerant. Zones 9-11 as an outdoor standard. Any soil is good, but should have good drainage. Encourage young plants with a little extra phosphorus in spring.
    Fun Facts

    • The fiber from the bark of various plants is called Kurrajong
    • In the United States, this plant is known as bottle tree
    • The wide base and slender trunk is the reason for this name
    • Commonly found in Australia as a landscape tree and along streets and avenues

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