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Broccoli Raab / Rapini
 40 Days

 A very delicious bitter green often used in gourmet restaurants and many types cuisine. Prized for it's tender foliage and buds.  Broccoli raab is a vegetable staple in Italian and Chinese cuisine and has recently become popular in the United States. Known for its nutritional value, this non heading brocolli is grown for flavorful, asparagus-like spring shoots and leaves. Great to cook or in add to salads. This is the most versatile broccoli raab variety for growing throughout the season, from spring to summer harvests, as well as overwintering in mild climates.   

Broccoli Raab Rapini 50 Seeds Italian heirloom Flavorful

  • Fun Facts:

    1/3 pound of broccoli has more vitamin C than 2 1/2 pounds of oranges
    Broccoli has been cultivated for over 2000 years
    A perfect variety for any garden
    Most of this nations broccoli production is in California
    Grown in Italy during the times of the Roman Empire until the 16th century when it spread throughout the rest of Europe and then to the Americas
    Arrived in the U.S with Italian immigrants in the 1800's
    Famous for producing dozens of delicious side shoots until hard frost. 3-6" central head


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