Brown Top Millet
Our packets are intended for small garden or starter forage areas. 


A fast growing leafy annual grass that grows 2-3 feet and produces a really nice quality forage. Ready to harvest within two months. Very fine stems and leaves allows plant material to dry down effectively for dry hay production. A very effective erosion crop, much like oats, stabilizes hilly slopes and provides cover for slower growing species to become established. Research shows browntop helps to suppress root-knot nematode within the soil. Easily reseeds with viable seeds remaining in the soil for years. An excellent regenerating food plot for wildlife. Plant from early spring to fall. Tolerates low fertile and acidic soils making this a good way to add organic matter to the soil.  Great for quail, ducks and doves. 

Brown Top Millet Seeds Forage crop ground cover 500 seed Garden Pack