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  • Bursera simaruba
    Gumbo Limbo

    Known for its attractive red bark that peels away giving it an aged rugged look. The tree blooms in winter subtle flowers with green petals. New leaves begin to come forth in early spring as old leaves fall. This is a tropical plant and should be protected from all cold weather. This rare plant makes a good foliage plant as well as for bonsai culture.

    Likes full sun to shade and will need water when soil becomes dry. A fast grower and beautiful specimen tree that needs minimal care.

    Fun Facts:

    1. Native to tropical Americas including Southeast US and Florida
    2. Tolerant of salty areas and coastlines
    3. Wild birds love the fruit of this tree making it an important food source as well as an attractive venue for bird watching
    4. The wood from this tree is the traditional wood used to make carousel horses
    5. Also known as “tourist tree” because of the “sun burned” colored, red flaking bark resembling the skin of local tourists
    6. The largest trees in the US are in Key West

    Tropical Seeds -Gumbo Limbo Bursera - 10 seeds

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