• A perfect bean for freezing and fresh table use. Early producer and very disease resistant. Plants are vigorous, 15-18" tall and set a heavy crop of medium green, 6-7" long pods that are round, straight, meaty, stringless. For a continuous crop, plant every 5 days for the first 6 weeks of the garden season. They hold their color and texture and flavor really well. Use for canning, freezing and fresh table use.

    Resistant to : Mosaic virus and Bean pod mottle virusIncludes: Sowing Instructions


    Fun Facts:

    • For the best flavor and crispness steam the beans rather than boil
    • Harvest beans when they are between 5" and 7" for best flavor
    • Excellent storage capabilities
    • Produces almost a week earlier than other varieties

    Bush Bean Topcrop Vegetable Seeds NON GMO 25 Seed Garden Pack

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