• Small pea like leaves, typical of Caesalpinia, are accented by lovely yellow blossoms. The perfect small patio tree, drought tolerant and highly ornamental, prized for its spectacular flowers and fern-like leaves. Thrives in heat and characterized by long spikes of bright yellow flowers blooming throughout summer. Light green foliage is thick and lush making this a perfect patio plant. Adaptable to a wide range of uses including, bonsai, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse. Hummingbirds and butterflies love to visit the lovely blooms. Keep tree well watered until established.

    Little pruning is required but is helpful to produce a more dense plant. Full sun produces best growth and flowering results.

    Fun Facts:

    1. Native to all parts of India
    2. Named after Andreas Cesalpinia chief physician to Pope Clement VII
    3. Drought Tolerant
    4. Plant needs a well drained soil.
    5. Does well as an outdoor standard in zones 9-11
    6. It takes about 4 hours for a flower to open to its full splendor
    7. Plants are in the legume family and can fix nitrogen

    Caesalpinia bonduc Sea Pearl Plant 3 Seeds