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  • Callicarpa americana - Also known as French mulberry- A late flowering shrub grown for the beautiful, colorful Autumn berries. Perhaps the most beautiful Beautyberry, this species of Callicarpa has larger leaves than other Beautyberries. 

    Purple berries are produced in bundance in late summer and fall and stay on the plant after leaves have fallen. Light lavender-pink flowers bloom in late spring. Flowers are produced from new growth so care should be taken when pruned. The shrub forms the same weeping effect so common on other Beautyberries.

    Can tolerate most soil conditions except high alkaline. The shrub grows 5' to 8' tall and wide and is hardy from zone 7 to 10. Native to the southeast. The purple fruit is a good wildlife attractor. A member of the Verbenaceae family.

    Heirloom Seeds -Beautyberry - 20 Seeds-Callicarpa americana

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    • Fun Facts:
      Great for low maintenance natural gardens where it will contribute year round to the natural beauty of the garden
      Fruit sets from August to October in purple
      Hardy in zone 6 or higher
      Drought tolerant
      Perfect for the home and greenhouse growers
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