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  • Campsis radicans
    Trumpet Vine
    Hummingbird Vine

    Usually grown on fences this climbing vine is characterized by green summer foliage accented by clusters of orange trumpet-shaped flowers from mid summer through fall, followed by long green pods. Cover up an unsightly fence with this valuable ornamental plant that is easily trained to climb walls, trellises, and fences. This plant makes an excellent wildlife cover to the landscape that doubles as a ground cover and erosion control. Naturally attracts pollinators. Often used for privacy making an attractive wall of foliage and color.

    A really nice ornamental! This vine makes a most interesting deck plant and also grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant.  

    Fun Facts

    • Grows naturally throughout zones 4+ and even in desert regions of given water to start
    • Germination occurs when soil is at least 75 º F
    • Grows well in every soil and is drought tolerant
    • Can be grown in a large container when young

    Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine 20 Heirloom Seeds

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