• Cardiocrinum giganteum
    Himalayan Lily
    Giant Lily

    The largest species of all lily plants! Resting on top of a 6-8 foot flower stem are fragrant, creamy white blooms with purple- pink centers that blossom from June to August. Foliage is a dark green resembling Hostas in appearance. 20 flowers can appear on each stem.

    Loves deep, fertile soil, full of rich organic humus, moist and well drained. Shelter from wind. Mulch in winter.

    Grows well from seed.

    Fun Facts:
    Grows well outdoors in zones 7+
    Introduced for commercial production, as Lilium giganteum in England during the1850s

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

    Cardiocrinum giganteum - Himalayan Lily - 10 seeds - Grows 6-8 feet