• Ceiba pentandra
    Kapok Tree
    Silk Cotton Tree

    Reaching heights of 200 feet and towering over vegetation in the Neotropical rainforests from southern Mexico to West Africa is the Kapok Tree. This grand tropical features an umbrella of vivid green foliage and small delicate pink-hued and white flowers.

    Although large in its native habitat, you can grow this tree as a tropical right in your own home or in the right climate as a standard outdoors on the deck or in the landscape.

    Growing in height as much as 13 feet per year, the trunk of Ceiba pentandra provides homes for many species of birds, frogs and bromeliads of the rainforest.

    Fun Facts
    1. The wood is used for carving, coffins and canoes
    2. Stuffing for bedding and life preservers is made from the silky fibers
    3. Soaps are made from the oil
    4. Kapok Tree can produce up to 4,000 fruits at a time, each one containing about 200 seeds
    5. The unopened fruit is extremely buoyant and it’s believed that the fruit floated from Latin America to Africa
    6. When the fruit is opened silky fibers distribute the seeds throughout the environment


    Ceiba pentandra - Silk Cotton Tree Tropical Seeds