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  • Celosia argentea var cristata 
    Yellow Feather Celosia

    An old garden heirloom favorite mainly used as an annual, in all parts of the country, perfect for garden beds, planters and deck pots. Thrives in heat as well as humidity, but can be a good option for mildly shady gardens as well. From shade to sun this is the perfect annual flower!

    Seed can be sown direct in a fine seed bed in the garden, or better yet, and for earlier blooms start indoors 6 weeks before setting out after the last frost date. Blooms throughout summer!

    Fun Facts:
    1.Genus name comes from the Greek word keleos meaning burning for the colorful flowers
    2. Celosia can be a tender perennial that is winter hardy year round in USDA Zones 10-11.

    100 Yellow Feather Celosia Heirloom Seeds -Celosia argentea var cristata

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