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  • Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato

    An heirloom form the 1800’s originally grown by the Cherokee Nation. Large pink to purple fruit are intensely flavorful and perfect for slicing and salads in addition to salsas. Very productive and disease resistant. Sets Fruit all summer long!

    Fruit size: 10-12 oz +
    Matures: 80 days
    Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
    Plant size: 4-6 feet tall
    Plant type: Indeterminate

    Fun Facts
    •This is a true legacy plant, believed to have originated more than 120 years ago in the Cherokee nation in Tennessee
    •The Tomato is believed to have originated in the western portions of South America
    •Varieties of wild tomatoes are still found in Peru
    •Aztecs of Central America called it "xitomatl"
    •In 1692 a cookbook was published in Naples and mentions the Tomato

    Vegetables Seeds -Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato- 20 Seeds

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