• Clitoria ternatea
    Ornamental Butterfly Pea
    Blue Pea
    Asian pidgeonwings

    This plant is a multiuse vine perfect for trellising, groundcovers and hanging baskets. Vivid deep blue flowers, accent light green foliage and are the hallmark of this plant that can bloom within 6 weeks from seed. Blooms all year in the right climate. Keep moist. Likes full sun to shade. Pinch tips of vines to keep more compact. Can be grown as an annual in all zones and perennial in zones 9+
    Fun Facts:
    This plant is native to tropical equatorial Asia
    In Southeast Asia the flowers are used to color food
    In Malay cooking an extract is used to color glutinous rice for kuih ketan

    Clitoria ternatea Blue Butterfly Pea Seeds

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