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  • Forest Peach or Buttercup Seeds
    Cochlospermum vitifolium Poro - Poro
    One of the most beautiful of deciduous flowering trees! You'll love the masses of golden, yellow flowers blooming among leaves shaped like a grapevine. Flowers start when tree is young and you will enjoy masses of buttercup blooms for about a three month period in late winter followed by fruit that looks a lot like the most perfect peach and hanging in bunches. An excellent choice for tropical as well as bonsai culture.
    Fun Facts: 
    1. A deciduous tropical tree
    2. Flowers appear before the leaves in February -March
    3. Plants as young as 2 years old can often bloom
    4. A fast growing tree
    5. Best when kept pruned
    6. Also known as cotton tree and Poro-Poro
    7. Bark fibers have been used to make twine
    8. Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    9. Grown for the beautiful star leaf shape and color.
    10. Another fun plant from seeds of the Rainforest

    Cochlospermum vitifolium Poro - Poro Buttercup- 10 Seeds

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