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  • Codariocalyx motorius
    Telegraph Plant
    Dancing Plant

    A Tropical Asian shrub that is best known for being capable of rapid movement. Small purple flowers accent forest green foliage. Grown mostly as an ornamental as well as in Bonsai circles.
    This is a tropical plant, well worth the effort of growing, and does very well in containers. Cannot tolerate frost and must be brought or kept indoors or in a protected area. Will be able to remain in a container for up to 5 years, or more, before transplanting. Needs good drainage.

    Fun Facts:
    •Each leaf has a hinge which allows movement
    •The leaves move as the sun moves to maximize use of the suns rays
    •It is also believed to have developed movement to deter predators
    •The common name refers to the likeness of the semaphore telegraph

    Codariocalyx motorius Dancing Plant 10 Seeds

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