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  • Connecticut Field Cucurbita pepo
    110 days Heirloom! You'll love this Native American heirloom with a history that goes back to before 1700's! Large fifteen to twenty pound pumpkins ripen to a deep orange color. The sweet flesh is thick and yellow. Grown for very dependable yields. A perfect shape for jack o lanterns! Easy to store! Use for canning, baking, seed roasting or stock feed.

    Fun Facts:

    The round shape and flat base make it a perfect shape for jack o lanterns
    Can be planted among cornfields
    A good pumpkin for canning and as stock feed
    Great for decoration
    Great for pies
    Seeds can be roasted for snacks
    80 seeds will sow a hundred foot row
    One of the oldest field pumpkins in existence
    It is believed to have been grown by the North American Indians prior to European settlement

    Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seed Vegetable Seeds

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