• Pinus wallichiana - formery excelsa
    Blue Pine
    Himalayan Blue Pine

    A beautiful species of pine characterized by a trunk that grows straight and strong from a buttressed base growing up to a conical crown of branches. Gracefully drooping, long blue-green needles hang among twisting branches making this a perfect form for a bonsai work of art. Grown as an ornamental standard in most places especially in city areas lending itself to somewhat of a tolereance of air pollution.  Extremely popular as a specimen tree almost everywhere. Tolerant of poor soil and extreme cold.  The tree loves sun and will do poorly in the shade. Grows well in dry or moist soil with some tolerance to drought. Some winds are not a problem except ocean, salt air.  Works well in smaller landscapes because of its slow growth habit.

    Pinus wallichiana /excelsa Seeds Blue Pine Tree-Long needles Bonsai Seed Pack

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