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  • Corchorus olitorius
    Nalta Jute
    Egyptian Spinach

    A fast growing annual – perennial herb growing from ancient times most often eaten as greens throughout the Middle East. Pale yellow flowers peek out from dark green arrow shaped leaves. Thrives almost anywhere and can be grown year round in the right climate or as a potted plant. Loves warmth and humidity.
    Needs moist soil and sun.

    This plant makes a most interesting deck plant and grows well as a container plant for several years if pruned and shaped, for the home or greenhouse.

    Treat as a tropical that cannot tolerate frost.


    Outdoor Standard
    Potted Deck Plant
    Indoor Tropical

    Adaptable to most soil conditions, and gardening types, specimen plantings, deck gardens as well as houseplants.

    Corchorus olitorius Egyptian Spinach 30 seeds

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    $3.20Sale Price
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