Cordyline Australis purpurea
Purple Cabbage Tree

A very popular Cordyline that is sure to please with its beautiful purple leaf blades. This medium sized, frost hardy, perennial evergreen blooms lovely creamy white flowers in late summer. A high tolerance to drought makes this a wonderful addition to any garden especially xeriscape. Grows perfectly in semi-shade to direct
sun. In northern climates the plant is grown as an ornamental tropical plant. Beautifully interesting in all parts of the year!

Fun Facts
• Grows in a wide range of habitats including, river banks, forested regions, pen places and even near swamps
• A 500 year old specimen is growing in Pakawau, New Zealand
• Also known as ti kouka and was used as a food source native regions
• This plant is used to make a number of products including, anchor ropes, baskets, sandals and even fishing line



Outdoor Standard

Potted Deck Plant

Indoor Tropical


Sowing instructions:
· Soak seed in warm water for 24 hours
· Sow seed 3/4” deep at a soil temperature of 61-64° F. and keep moist
Sow in standard good draining potting mix
· Keep humid if in dry conditions by occasional misting

Plant Care:
Grow in a standard potting mix
Likes a deep, rich well fertilized soil
Let dry out between watering and feed once a month
Transplant when large enough to handle into pots

Landscape Uses

· specimen plant, bonsai,
· accent plant for artistic appearance
· rock gardens
· in mini-groves
· Water Features

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Cordyline Australis purpurea Purple Cabbage Tree