Country Gentleman Heirloom Sweet Corn Seed!
90 Days

It doesn't get much better than this! Sweet, delicious and milky tender white kernels on 8” ears. Kernels have no rows and are deep and narrow making this a shoepeg type. Packed with sweet goodnes, tender and slender, long roasting ear. Highly productive with at least 2 -3 ears per plant. Space 18"-24" Country Gentleman is regarded as one of the finest heirloom corn on the market!
High resistance to corn smut

App. 100 Seeds plant 20 feet of row

Fun Facts:

  • Introduced in 1890 by S.D. Woodruff & Sons
  • Shoepeg means the shape of the kernel is deep and narrow resembling a shoe peg from the 19th century
  • This corn is still used commercially for cream corn
  • Plants can grow up to 8'

Country Gentleman Heirloom Sweet Corn 20 Seed Garden Pack -Supply is Limited

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