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  • Cucumis melo agrestis var conomon
    Oriental Pickling Melon

    A very rare melon used mainly in Asia and India that descends directly from the wild form domesticated in China. Produces many flowers from May to September and adds much color to the garden. Round to oval, fleshy fruit about 10-15 cm in diameter are produced by this vining annual with large leaves.

    The plant is similar to that of a cucumber and a vigorous grower perfect for fences and trellis gardening. Pick fruits before frost for storage. The fruit is cut and seeds removed and used mainly as a juice full of vitamin C, calcium and potassium, low in calories and very refreshing.

    Fun Facts:
    1. The oriental, pickling melon is considered to be the most ancient form of melon
    2. Domesticated in China from the wild form
    3. Oriental melon is cultivated in Asia – India, China, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia

    Cucumis melo agrestis var conomon 5 Rare Seeds

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