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Cucumis melo var dudaim
Wild Muskmelon
Apple Melon
75 days from transplant.

Grown for the irresistible, sweet fragrance, these small, round 3 inch golden fruits are striped with dark orange bands. Victorian ladies carried the miniature melons in their pockets to emit a seductive fragrance. Although the white flesh can be eaten it is not at all flavorful compared to its aroma. Produces many flowers from May to September and adds much color to the garden. Round to oval, fleshy fruit are produced by a vining annual with large leaves.

The plant is similar to that of cucumber and a vigorous grower perfect for fences and trellis gardening. Pick fruits before frost for storage.

Do not grow near other varieties of melon.

Vegetable Seeds -Apple Melon -Cucumis melo var dudaim- 20 Heirloom Seeds

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