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  • Cupressus lusitanica
    Mexican Cypress
    Cedar of Gao
    White Cedar

    A small pyramidal evergreen conifer that with rugged rich brown bark. Blue–green foliage grows about an 1/8” long with pointed tips. Makes an excellent plant for collectors of exotic plants for the home or greenhouse environment. Perfect for Bonsai. When pruning, refrain from cutting back into older wood.

    Sow seed in standard potting mix with good ventilation at a moderate temperature. Grow in full sun and keep well drained and water when soil is dry to the touch.
    Fun Facts:

    • The Latin name comes from the species being introduced to Lusitania, Portugal in the 17th century
    • Native of Mexico to Guatemala
    • Also called Portuguese Cypress
    • The name refers to its very early cultivation there in Portugal, with plants imported from Mexico to the monastery at Bucaco in 1634
    • These trees were already over 130 years old when the species was botanically described in 1768

    Cupressus lusitanica Tree Seeds White Cedar

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