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  • Delonix regia Royal Poinciana Flame Tree

    We are pleased to bring to you this native of Madagascar that is thought to be one of the top 5 most beautiful flowering trees in the world. We think it may be the most colorful flowering tree in the world as well. A perfect tropical that will do nicely as a standard from zone 9+ or grow as a deck or tropical. The small fern-like leave would make it a most unique bonsai specimen as well and will produce blooms as a bonsai at seven inches tall and about 2-3 years old.

    Fun Facts:

    • Other common names include Flamboyant Tree, Flame Tree, Mohur Tree and Red Flame
    • Royal Poinciana is tolerant of some salty air and will grow in most soils, has no pests and requires little added food
    • Royal Poinciana is deciduous for about 2 months in winter
    • In May or June, red blooms appear and will typically hold for 4-10 weeks of intense color 

    Tropical Seeds - Flame Tree 10 Heirloom Seeds -Delonix regia

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