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  • Dichrostachys cinerea
    Marabou Thorn

    = = =Grown for its stunning two-coloured inflorescence. This semi-deciduous / deciduous tree / shrub is covered with thorns and grows 20 feet as a standard tree. Will grow much smaller as a container plant. Bright green foliage grows from stems that twist and turn together. The tree is often used in in its native habitat for soil conservation, leaves are used as green manure. The bark produces strong fibre used as twine. Roots can be used for baskets. The wood os traditionlly used for handles, spears, and tool handles. Also knwn as Sickle Bush, Princess Earrings, Bell Mimosa, Chinese Lantern Tree, and Kalahari Christmas Tree.

    A moderately fast growing plant that many plant collectors use as an ornamental tropical or bonsai work of art.

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

    Dichrostachys cinerea - Marabou Thorn - 5 Seeds

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