• Dioscorea alata
    Water Yam / Purple Yam

    Rarely Produced seeds  From a flower--- NOT TUbers

    NO Shipments to Florida.

    Vivid violet to purple tubers are the namesake of this plant. The yams are mainly used in desserts and ice cream flavors in addition to a wide variety of pastries. Plants should be grown in containers to prevent spreading to undesired locations. This large herbaceous perennial vine has purplish stem color and bright green heart shaped leaves. Tubers can be mashed, boiled fried or roasted. Harvest time: 7-12 Months from planting

    Fun Facts:

    1. This plant has been in use since ancient times
    2. There are 118 calories per 100 grams (3.5oz) of yam
    3. Yams are not related to sweet potatoes

    Dioscorea alata Water Yam / Purple Yam 10 Rarely Produced Seeds NOT Tubers