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  • Pea Seed!
    55 Days

    A perfect garden pea that lets you get started gardening early. It loves cool weather and produces abundantly and earlier than most. Peas are tender sweet flavored. Plant in succession for the fresh sweet taste of this pea for most of the gardening season. This bush type pea grows well in a crowded environment or up a short trellis. Perfect for raised beds and square foot gardening. Make additional plantings through early- to mid- May, or plant varieties with different maturity dates to increase the harvest period.

    Delicious fresh, frozen, or canned

    Sowing Instructions:

    Sow seed in spring as soon as you can work the soil - as early as late March or early April depending on how quickly the soil warms and dries. Use raised beds if your soil is slow to drain.

    Plant seeds 1 to 2 inches deep, 1 to 4 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Or sow about 1 inch apart for square foot gardens, (about 25 seeds per foot). Shallow planting is best when soils are cool and wet. Plant deeper if soil is dry. Do not thin.

    Garden Hints:

    Intercrop peas with fast-growing cool-season crops such as spinach or radishes. After final harvest, follow with late squash plantings or fall-harvested cool-season crops such as broccoli, leeks or potatoes.

    Sow fall pea crops about 8 to 10 weeks before first frost date.

    Do not use high-nitrogen fertilizers. Too much nitrogen will result in lush foliage but poor flowering and fruiting

    For the biggest yields grow plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly.

    Vegetable Seeds- Pea- Early Alaska Heirloom Pea -100 Seeds

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