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  •  One of our favorite varieties! Perfect for early spring plantings! 'Early Jersey Wakefield' has resistance to frost and yellowing. Dark-green, sweet, tender, conical heads average 5" in diameter and can weigh up to 2 to 3 lbs. Can be ready for harvest by early summer. Use for home, cooked, storage, fresh and raw in salads. One of the best tasting cabbages on the market! Sow in the fall for late fall harvests. The compact size works well for small raised bed gardens. Plant March to May for July to September harvests.

    Fun Facts:

    Cabbage is a good source of Vitamin C

    In Greek mythology the cabbage sprang from fallen tears of a Thracian king who was about to be killed by Dionysus for uprooting some of his favorite grapevines

    Cabbage was an expensive vegetable in Roman days

    By the 15th century cabbage was widely used and cultivated in Europe

    Cabbage was brought to the New World by early settlers

    This variety was introduced in 1840

    Vegetable Seeds -Early Jersey Wakefield 100 Heirloom Cabbage Seeds

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