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    Early Wonder Tall Top is the perfect all around beet! This versatile beet is used for early spring sowings and has premium tall tops for greens and supreme, 3-4" dark red globes for salads, pickles, sliced or cooked beets. Produces uniform roots with excellent flavor! Plant in the spring and fall.

    Hardiness Zones - All - During Growing season.
    Minimum Temp - 32°F for tops
    Shape - Upright
    Growth Rate - Fast
    Sun Preference - Full Light 6 hours+
    Soil Type - Any, Well composted
    Soil Moisture - Keep Moist
    Growth Period - Spring - Autumn
    Foliage Color - Green - red

    Vegetable Seeds -Early Wonder Tall Top Beet- 100 Heirloom Seeds

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    • Fun Facts:
      Introduced in 1911
      Beets have been cultivated for over 2000 years
      A perfect variety for any garden
      10 feet of row should produce 10 pounds of beets
      1 oz plants about 100 feet - 28 grams = 1oz
      Beet seeds are really clusters of seeded fruits with more than one seed in each "seed"

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