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  • Long Purple Eggplant
    80 days from transplant

    One of our most popular eggplant varieties! This is the queen of all summer vegetable crops! Beautiful deep-purple, nearly seedless fruits. For best flavor, fruits should be harvested when small and young (8-10") Up to 8 fruits per plant. The sweet, mild taste is unsurpassable! Stir fry with your favorite oriental dishes or add to sauces for your favorite pasta! Homegrown foods are far better than store bought and much more rewarding!

    Fried or Baked

    Fun Facts:
    1. The eggplant is native to southern India
    2. 16th century Spaniards called them "fruits or apples of love" believing them to have love potion properties
    3. Early Chinese records indicate that the eggplant was being cultivated as early as the 5th century
    4. In Japan today it is one of the most important vegetables grown

    Eggplant Long Purple Seeds Gourmet Flavor 20 Seed Pack

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