• Elettaria cardamomum
    True cardamom

    An herbaceous perennial from the ginger family native to India. The seeds are the source of the spice cardamom. Long slender forest green leaves are accented, in spring, by orchid like flower spikes that bloom in colors from white to lilac. The plant loves filtered shade and does quite well indoors as a houseplant.

    Frost free areas can grow the plant in perennial borders.

    This very rare plant produces a versatile multi-purpose tree that is perfect for the plant collector. Although a tropical plant it is moderately drought tolerant but must be protected from frost. Seedlings will need a lot of light to grow well. The plant is perfect for the household environment in addition to bonsai culture. Blossoms attract pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds, filling the plant with all kinds of activity. This tree is highly prized by collectors worldwide and seed is hard to get so don’t wait and buy yours today!

    Fun Facts:

    1. Native to India
    2. Seeds are used to make the spice cardamom
    3. The plant was brought to Europe around 1300 BC
    4. It ranks as third most expensive spice behind saffron and then vanilla

    Elettaria cardamomum Tropical Cardamom Spice Seeds True cardamom